September 30 2020 11:26:14 PM

About is a Pakistani Citizens Portal and a public service platform aimed at increasing political awareness among the masses and enabling them to exercise their right to hold the public offices responsible for the performance of their duties. This platform provides the public with access to complete information about the people they elect to the national assembly and the local government bodies. It also gives them a direct access to the people in power for the resolution of their individual as well as collective problems. is a platform for public to raise their voice on issues that matter to them the most. A very simple and user-friendly website augmented with an intuitive mobile app allows the people to instantly report the problems in their areas, directly to the local government representative responsible for solving those issues. Be it education, health facilities, water supply, electricity, sewage, roads, law and order or any other issue. With the power transferred to the grassroots level, it is now time for the people to address their issues by conveying those directly to the public offices and holding them responsible for their resolution. This platform provides the public with the most direct access to their representatives. The platform also lets its users comment and complain about any individual, department, public office or institution while remaining anonymous, allowing people to raise their voice without any fear of adverse consequences.

This capability will eventually be expanded to cover each locality/union council of the country and the responsible officials shall be brought on-board for resolution of complaints in a more structured manner. The platform will also monitor the time span taken for the resolution of the issue as well as the problem areas that remain unaddressed. This will not only help the political parties to focus on area-specific problems, but will greatly spread awareness among masses to cast their votes based on services rendered by the public officer holders. The result will be an election where people vote for collective causes and problem resolution rather than ethnic, tribal, sectarian or racial influence. is aimed at creating mass awareness about the power of vote in the democratic system. Not only that, it is a social platform where people remain a part of the system, giving voice to their concerns and problems 24/7 instead of just on the election day. is a forum for people to exchange views, stay updated with political and administrative activities without prejudice, see how other communities solved their problems and interact in a constructive fashion. aims to become the national citizens' portal for Pakistanis across the globe and be the voice of people that is heard in the corridors of power and provide relief to people who deserve it most.