October 18 2018 05:32:09 AM

About Voter.pk

Voter.pk is a public service platform aimed at increasing political awareness among the masses of Pakistan and to bring about a real change by helping people to understand the power of their vote. Voter.pk will encourage the masses to cast their vote based on real issues rather than short-term benefits or bloodline preferences.

Voter.pk is a platform for public to raise their voice on issues closest to their hearts. A very simple and user-friendly website augmented with an intuitive mobile app that allows users to vote for their most/least favorite political leaders, parties and candidates. These votes consolidate to form public opinion starting from grass root level; going all the way up to national level. The key characteristics of this public opinion include popularity of political parties, key leaders and other salient features on their manifesto.

Voter.pk also lets its users comment and complain about any individual, department, public office or institution with a provision of anonymity option; allowing people to raise their voice without any fear of adverse consequences. In order to avoid abusive or inappropriate comments, Voter.pk provides a simple reporting button against each comment, which will be evaluated by a team of proof readers and published/unpublished after editorial procedure. This capability will eventually be expanded to cover each locality/union council of the country and the responsible officials shall be brought on-board for resolution of complaints in a more structured manner.

One of the most salient features of Voter.pk is the ability for people to report the most pressing problems faced in their locality. Be it education, health facilities, water supply, electricity, sewage, roads, law and order or any other issue, a collection of reports from each geographical area shall determine the most critical issues in each constituency that need to be addressed. This will not only help the political parties to focus on area-specific problems, but will greatly spread awareness among masses to cast their vote wisely. The result will be an election where people vote for collective causes and problem resolution rather than ethnic, tribal, sectarian or racial influence.

Voter.pk is aimed at creating mass awareness about the power of vote in the democratic system. Not only that, it will become a social platform for people to exchange views, stay updated with political activities, see how other communities solved their problems and interact in a constructive fashion. Once a critical mass of users is achieved, Voter.pk will become a voice of people that is heard in the corridors of power and provide relief to people who deserve it most.